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L.O.L. - Fall 2015

Leading Our Lives

L.O.L. stands for Leading Our Lives. On Mondays, join us to talk about relationships, our values, our body and sexuality, communication skills, and discover our healthiest selves.

Photovoice - Fall 2015

Using photography for positive change!

Photovoice gives girls cameras to photograph and represent the perspectives of young people. Discuss your concerns and ideas with other girls and decision makers to make change in the community. There will be some social media, blogging, and codding too! This club meets every Tuesday.

Living Safe and Strong - Fall 2015

Mind, Body and Spirit!

Building the body, mind and spirit, girls will learn to prevent community violence. With self defense workshops, visits from special guests, and team building games, girls will discover the confidence they need to keep themselves physically and emotionally safe. This club meets on Wednesdays.

Money Matters/Pop-up Shop - Fall 2015

Get smart with your $$$$$

Explore all sorts of ways to be smart with your money. Pick up useful tips on budgeting, banking, investing, saving, and how the world of money works. And become an entrepeneur with the Girls Inc. Pop-Up Shop “She Waz Here”. This club meets on Thursdays.

WOW! Friday - Fall 2015

Extra Fun on Fridays

After a busy week of hard work, girls who have attended at least one program during the week are invited for an extra fun Friday program. Girls will participate in hands on workshops, go on field trips, or just hang out and relax.


We are Scientists

Get your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), leadership, and confidence on with Girls Inc. with our 5-year program. Summers at UMass-Amherst or externships in the STEM

#TellItTuesday - Spring 2015

Communicating through Social Media

Tell the world how you feel on the hot topics that really matter to you!  Girls share their thoughts and opinions with learning about and posting on social media–Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Instagram and blogs!

Radio Rookies - Spring 2015

Our own Radio Podcasts

Produce a radio podcast about their own stories. Using the WNYC Radio Rookies Toolkit (, girls work through the process of brainstorming, recording, scripting, editing, producing, and publishing their podcasts.

Peer Leaders

Learning Leadership Skills

Each year, a few girls are selected and trained to serve as stipended peer leaders at Girls Inc. As role models and assistant facilitators, they develop leadership skills to last a lifetime.

VOYA Challenge

Investing in the Stock Market

Learn to invest money in the stock market with real-time portfolios and mentoring by VOYA financial employees. Girls’ gains become scholarships for their future!

Google’s Made W/ Code - Winter 2015

It's Coding Time

Things you love are made with code! Attend a coding party and explore the world of coding with awesome coding project and discover the many opportunities it can have for your dream career!