Photo#1 My first photo was about a building that was shut down because. They did not make a good amount of money. The building had so much trash around it and there was people in the building doing bad things. The people littering  there were.

IMG_0715 (1)

photo#2 This photo was taken outside of my house, and it is of trash can that holds trash for our whole building. As you can see, this trash can is overflowing. It makes our alleyway not look good, and sometimes it even smells a little bit. I don’t think that it is fair for this trashcan to look like that and I think that we should be able to call someone to remove the trash when it is full. Right now we have to wait a long time for the trash can to be emptied. Sometimes when it is full, we will use one of the other building’s in our alleys trash can to get rid of the trash. We shouldn’t have to do this! Another idea is for the landlord to get a larger trash can to store all of our building’s trash.IMG_0703