Photo #1: Here you see a canal at night. You might see just the canal but what I see is suicide. Teen’s get depressed and don’t say anything to anyone about it, it gets so bad some teens might commit suicide. Suicide relates to us in many ways you may not see it but it happens without us even knowing about it. We can be sitting here having a good time when somewhere out there someone is trying to kill themselves. Even if we don’t know them it is still sad, teens have lives ahead of them but someone puts them down and it ruins that chance. There is a solution to it , and it’s called kindness. If you see someone that’s sad and looks a little down talk to them and if they don’t want to talk hug them or compliment them. By doing a bunch of kind acts towards them you can possible save their life. Just remember don’t put anyone down just because you could be pushing them to do something that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.


Photo #2: Condoms a big part of growing up as a teen. Protection is the first thing that comes to my mind. Condoms are a good thing they keep you safe from getting pregnant and diseases. No STD’s such as HIV, HPV, gonorrhea, and etc.

By: Elli