Photo #1: This is my dog. He is a blue nose pitbull, his name is Zeus. I picked him as my favorite picture because he means a lot to me. He’s funny and also the cutest thing EVER…Every time I come home and I run to him, he’s happy to see me and I’m happy to see him. I have to do everything …since he’s my dog I have to clean him,wash his bowls every Saturday and feed him and take him outside everyday. He comforts you when you watch t.v. or any movie. He also sleeps with you when he’s tired he goes next to you and starts sleeping. I love him, this is why I picked my dog for my favorite picture.


Photo #2: My positive picture is a picture of my soccer sweater and trophys me and my team won. My team and i which i was with for 2 or 3 years we have been winning all games except for one of them which is the big trophy(runners up) a lot of people upset or even crying. We practice every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and games are on saturday and sunday. We are competitive and fast. There are 3 teams green, red, and blue.I love soccer soooo much. This is why I picked my sweater and trophies for my positive.



by: Marielys